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Agriculture is the Earth’s Downfall

Agriculture is an industry responsible for many global and natural disasters, whilst also feeding the world’s population. It is an important but damaging business that is responsible for 74% of pollution in the atmosphere. This industry faces a lot of controversy, especially since the green revolution which has opened people their eyes.

Agriculture is the business sector in society, that employs the largest number of workers in the world. Therefore, many people benefit from its major importance and size and it can be seen as a good thing. More money is earned and simultaneously, their wages raise. In the last few years the human race has increased their spending limit on food by at least 30% of their salary. This has caused other less fortunate people to be in situations of starvation and has troubled the Earth.

You must be wondering what the problem is with agriculture right now. There are several problems so let’s start with the economical problem. The people producing food, farmers, do not earn as much from their livestock or crops anymore and this lifestyle is becoming very challenging to master or even keep. They have difficulty selling their produce for a reasonable price and if selling by themselves then, large companies will be too competitive and the business will eventually fail. Therefore, the farmers have to find a middle man like a retailer, but these companies take most of the profit away and so sometimes the farming work will not even be a good enough paying job even though the labour that goes into every single product is insane. With animal products the prices may be so low that people forget a living being was raised for this and that really you should be paying for someone who grows for several years until it is found in a supermarket shelve.

Another difficulty relating agriculture is the controversy when thinking about pollution. Animal agriculture is thought to be more polluting then all the transport added together in the world. Isn’t that insane! This one industry is causing so much pollution, but barely anything is done about it because the government is earning money from the subsidized selling of food. There is methane released and carbon dioxide . Not even speaking about the copious amount of food waste that is part of this competitive industry. Just because that one piece of fruit has a weird shape that no one wants to have the landfills are quickly filled. Just because the shape is different doesn’t mean that the taste is.

In addition to animal agriculture. It is stated that 1/3 of all soya beans are used to feed livestock and some people believe that if the whole world stopped eating meat that everyone could be fed. It is proven and most environmentalist and scientist agree but, in the end if money can be made then it won’t stop and eventually the individual will decide what will happen.

Overall, agriculture seems to be destroying the world. Farmers are needed, they are respected in a sense however, humans often do not see the bigger picture and

therefore there are many problems not spoken about even though they are important and should be a subject of more conversations.