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Beginning your journey to being plastic free.

Starting a plastic free lifestyle can be very daunting, but it doesn't need to be. We can all make small changes today to cut back on our plastic footprint.

I believe the best thing to do it look at where you are consuming the most plastic, the easiest way to do this is next time you go shopping make a list of the products that you buy that contain plastic. For myself food shopping and the bathroom were the biggest contributors.

Once you've made a list you can research to see if there are other alternatives to this product which are safer to the environment. For example, if you find yourself going through a bottle of shampoo/conditioner every month then look at buying a shampoo bar or a refillable option instead.

Below i have created a list of where i started which will hopefully help and give you some ideas;

*Plastic shopping bags - a reusable tote bag

*Fruit and Veg - Buy naked options (if you can't find any in your local supermarket try a farmers market)

*Honey - Buy honey in a glass jar

*Shampoo - Change to a shampoo bar or a refillable option (i tried various shampoo bars but found that my hair felt waxy so i changed to refilling a bottle)

*Toothpaste - You can now buy tooth tablets, however i make my own toothpaste (checkout my older blog for a recipe)

*Tooth brush - Switch to bamboo version (try to avoid ones made with nylon bristles)

*Clothing - Buy clothing made from Hemp or cotton, alternatively buy secondhand. Also if you spend a little more on sustainable fashion it will last longer which means less textiles end up in landfill

*Women's menstrual products - Use reusables (Blog coming soon)

One important thing to remember is not to worry if you can't change everything immediately! Small changes makes a huge difference.