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Less is more

When it comes to beauty, we have included so many different chemicals which are ruining our skin. I believe that applying simple and natural products we can not only save our skins, but also help to reduce our plastic footprint!


Our skins are one of the most delicate parts of our bodies. I grew up reading magazines that claimed their skin care routine ‘will take 10 years’ from your skin, it will ‘rejuvenate’ your skin, or if you apply moisturiser it will give your skin 48 hours hydration. Well, truthfully these products may help your skin temporarily, but in the long run the chemicals can leave your body craving more moisture.

With my skin care routine I like to go back to the basics. Every evening after my shower I like to pat my skin dry. I then apply a small layer of coconut oil, this may make you go really greasy but it will absorb into your skin, leaving you feeling heavenly. I also apply a natural deodorant, I brought mine from a zero waste shop but there is also a DIY version on my blog (I do have to carry my deodorant around with me during the day, it doesn’t last too long unfortunately).

I then move on to my hair care.


Alike our skin, our hair also gets affected by the chemicals that we apply to it. But unlike skin, its difficult to avoid plastic and chemicals for that matter. However, recently more and more companies and businesses have started to produce zero waste and chemical free products for our hair care regime.

LUSH has been at the forefront of this. Offering shower wash, shampoos and conditioners all plastic and chemical free.

After moisturising after the shower, I brush my hair, this is the only time I brush my hair… I am blessed with thick hair so brushing is quite an ordeal! After brushing I then use the left over oil from moisturising and run it through my hair (do not use a lot of oil otherwise your hair may look really greasy). I then plait my hair to ensure it stays tangle free. I choose not to blow dry my hair, despite having thick hair it will get very heat damaged and I consider it pointless energy wasted.


I actually had my teeth professionally bleached when I was younger, however it caused really bad sensitivity. So, I keep it simple. I make my own toothpaste, I do not like the idea of having fluoride in my mouth. If you want to make your own toothpaste just check out my older posts.

I do not use mouth wash, however I do occasionally ‘oil pull’. This is a technique where you put a small amount of oil (coconut) in your mouth and swish it like mouth wash. This helps clean and whiten teeth, just make sure to spit out afterwards!