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Plastic Free Periods

Believe it or not but our periods are contributing to 6.2% of marine litter! How can we change this? Easily!

Switching to reusable doesn't just save you a tonne of money, but also save our planet.... so its a win win.. However, i have to admit when i first looked into using them i was a bit confused as to why you'd use a reusable for a personal hygiene regime, but its actually really hygienic and there really isn't anything to be scared of!

But don't listen to me, let the maths do the talking;

Assuming you use a small box of tampons a month, over a five year period you will be spending on average £370!

However, if you were to buy similar to myself which is;

1 menstrual cup £20 https://www.mooncup.co.uk/

3 day pads £21

3 night pads £36

Over a five year period i will have only spent £77!!!

This means every five years i save £293, on to a winner!

There are so many reusable alternatives to suit every woman, so now the maths looks good, lets take a look at our options.

1. A reusable menstrual cup

These cups are used a tampon alternative. The cup is folded and inserted into the cervix, it can be left in the cervix for up to 8 hours dependant on your flow. The cup has two possible sizes to suit every woman! Wash out between uses and at the end of your period sterilise in boiling water.

2. Reusable Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are the alternative that i prefer. You can either make your own if you are feeling creative or buy them. They come as either day or night pads and you can buy according to thickness too which is really good! They just clip into your knickers, they're super absorbent and really comfortable.

When switching to reusable alternatives just remember to give them a chance, just because you don't suit one product doesn't mean another will be the same!